Trinitas’ mixed-use communities are built on community character, institutional pride, and entrepreneurial activity. We create a community hub with opportunities for local investment, sustainable growth and economic transformation. We are the gateway destination for a vibrant mix of uses including: hospitality, retail, restaurants, office and residential. We connect a diverse mix of neighbors from local residents to employees and visitors, by creating a destination to get away from it all, in the heart of it all.

Blend. Mix. Collide. Intersect. Join. Engage.


  • Placemaking

    We create active, mixed-use destinations in major-metro locations - a place where people want to go and enjoy exciting retail, wonderful streetscapes, and lively public spaces.

  • Design Process

    Amazing developments begin with amazing teams.  Our accomplished designers know what it takes to create incredible places that define community.

  • Partners

    We bring together a diverse group of community stakeholders to understand their wants, needs and desires.  We align our projects to meet those important goals.

  • Master Development

    The sum is greater than the parts.  We collaborate with best-in-class developers and cohesively integrate them into a successful mixed-use development.


    The District At Clifton Heights

    Cincinnati, Ohio










The Mixed Use Team

We develop exceptional real estate for our clients nationwide through in-depth research, partner collaboration, design ingenuity, while being mindful of the development objectives and with a commitment to economic viability.

Meet The Team