We live at the intersection of campus and community.

Trinitas’ mixed-use communities are built on community character, institutional pride, and entrepreneurial activity. We create a community hub with opportunities for local investment, sustainable growth and economic transformation. We are the gateway destination for a vibrant mix of uses including: hospitality, retail, restaurants, office and residential. We connect a diverse mix of neighbors from local residents and students, to employees and visitors, by creating a campus destination to get away from it all, in the heart of it all.

Blend. Mix. Collide. Intersect. Join. Engage.

  • Residential

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Office

  • Trinitas’ multi-family development platform is more than student housing. We rely on market analytics to provide insights into customer preferences and trends and assess the demand for traditional, multi-family and senior housing, as well as co-living opportunities. We respond to market demand and refine the charm of college hometowns.

  • We curate an original blend of retail, dining and entertainment options balancing national favorites with local classics. Our target audience of 18-24 year old students allow retailers to build brand equity and affinity well into the future—after all, today’s students are tomorrow’s consumers. In addition, our locations provide a walkable routes to important destinations like grocery stores, restaurants public meeting spaces and retail.

  • What makes a campus habitable is not just the physical landscape or academic buildings, but also the spaces to create connections and pursue diverse interests. Our mixed-use communities offer faculty, students, alumni and guests an uncommon, campus experience and universities, an alternative ways to generate revenue. Trinitas draws upon our and our partners’ expertise with hospitality and design to create spaces that help recruit and sustain a strong sense of campus community.

  • In today’s economy, innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary elements for companies to stay competitive. We build state-of-the-art space for office tenants who recognize that universities are the innovation ecosystem that foster environments for bringing ideas to fruition.

  • Placemaking

    We create active, mixed-use destinations in campus-edge locations – a place where people want to go and enjoy exciting retail, wonderful streetscapes, and lively public spaces.

  • Design Process

    Amazing developments begin with amazing teams.  Our accomplished designers know what it takes to create incredible places that define community.

  • Partners

    We bring together a diverse group of community stakeholders to understand their wants, needs and desires.  We align our projects to meet those important goals.

  • Master Development

    The sum is greater than the parts.  We collaborate with best-in-class developers and cohesively integrate them into a successful mixed-use development.


    The District At Clifton Heights

    Cincinnati, Ohio










The Mixed Use Team

We develop exceptional real estate for our clients nationwide through in-depth research, partner collaboration, design ingenuity, while being mindful of the development objectives and with a commitment to economic viability.

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