We are an established leader in identifying development opportunities and creating properties that have broad housing appeal to residents and the communities in which we build. We understand that each opportunity is unique, and possess the expertise and knowledge to transform underutilized sites into significant neighborhood assets. We value our partnerships with local stakeholders and are committed to delivering projects that maximize a site’s potential.

  • Our commitment extends beyond brick and mortar. We believe our assets should improve the physical landscapes in which we live and enhance the lives of the residents who occupy them.

  • We live at the intersection of campus and community.

    Trinitas’ mixed-use communities are built on community character, institutional pride, and entrepreneurial activity. We create a community hub with opportunities for local investment, sustainable growth and economic transformation. We are the gateway destination for a vibrant mix of uses including: hospitality, retail, restaurants, office and residential. We connect a diverse mix of neighbors from local residents and students, to employees and visitors, by creating a campus destination to get away from it all, in the heart of it all.

    Blend. Mix. Collide. Intersect. Join. Engage.

  • At the intersection of campus and community is where we live. Through engaging experiences in vibrant residential communities is how we live. Trinitas creates exceptional living environments that infuse extraordinary amenities and vibrant streetscapes with campus as its backdrop. Blend. Mix. Collide. Intersect. Join. Engage.



Student Housing Business


Student Housing Business


Student Housing Business


Student Housing Business


Our Philosophy

We develop exceptional real estate for our clients nationwide through in-depth research, partner collaboration, design ingenuity, while being mindful of the development objectives and with a commitment to economic viability.


We develop exceptional real estate through innovative design, mindful objectives, and a commitment to economic viability. Each project provides an opportunity to bring together stakeholders in designing strategies that meet professional needs.


Our custom, award-winning luxury properties set Trinitas apart in the real estate business. We offer a variety of residential properties that fit seamlessly within their respective communities. With more than 30 years of experience developing quality real estate, Trinitas truly understands the development process and the value of a knowledgeable property management staff. We manage more than 11,000 beds, and that number is continuously growing. We strive to make our residents’ lives the best they can be.


Trinitas holds to our core value of being principled. We take pride in our efforts to develop properties without disturbing landmarks that are significant to the surrounding communities. Building sustainable, LEED-certified communities reiterates our desire to be both business conscious and eco-conscious. Our team focuses on finding the right site for each project and ensuring our design criteria fit with that location. Each of our unique products is designed to rejuvenate the communities in which they are built.

Meet The Team
  • Site indentification

    Our team is focused on finding the right site for each project. From urban redevelopment to multi-owner assemblages, we understand that prime real estate starts with a great location.

  • Market Research

    In-depth, in-house research and access to extensive national databases allow our team to accurately identify and understand current markets.

  • Development Process

    Our process begins by understanding the goals of community stakeholders then aligning site specifics with design criteria for each project. 

  • Design & Entitlement

    We have in-depth knowledge of product design and work with local officials through the entitlement process to understand each community’s needs.