Our team expertly manages student housing communities, focusing on operational excellence and extraordinary student experiences. At Trinitas, our goal is to ensure that each student is more successful by having lived at one of our properties.

  • U Life

  • Fit Life

  • Balanced Life

  • For Parents

  • We promote the active growth of residents by encouraging their involvement in local charitable causes and social opportunities. We provide them access to a professional on-site staff and invaluable university resources. We offer living environments conducive to learning, study, and improvement in each resident’s life. Community, Academia, Social, and Amenity (CASA) are at the core of our philosophy. These have become the pillars of the U Life program and our way of ensuring students live in an atmosphere that is advantageous to their success. After all, mi casa es su casa—our home is their home.

  • Each month students have the opportunity to participate in relaxing activities to help manage stress, learn about different factors that can impact mental health, and engage with other students in programs geared at resetting and reenergizing their minds..

  • Trinitas is dedicated to helping our student residents succeed in all aspects of their lives. Our Balanced Life community assistant program is designed to catapult students into their future by helping them strengthen their résumé and gain valuable work experience. Our flexible job opportunities allow students to plan community-wide events, lead property tours, manage marketing outreach, and attain other on-the-job skills. At Trinitas, we believe students shouldn’t separate work and life, but instead balance it.

  • At Trinitas, we know that the start of a college career is the foundation for your student’s future. We understand that providing our residents with a positive and productive atmosphere is key to their success. Our professional staff is on site to provide a home away from home. We offer affordable pricing, roommate matching and an environment designed to help students flourish.