Campus Partnerships

Campus Partnerships is the newly formed division of Trinitas Ventures, focused on partnering with higher education institutions to deliver real estate solutions through public-private partnership platforms. We specialize in development opportunities on or adjacent to campuses for all residential and commercial use-types. Collectively, our team has worked with institutional partners in an array of capacities including on- and off- campus student housing development, market analysis, capital planning, campus planning, development advisory, project management, and residence life. Our depth of development experience and technical expertise make us a good partner. Our passion for enhancing the student experience and commitment to positively impacting the future of campus communities makes us an exceptional partner.

  • Establishing Relationships

  • Identifying solutions

  • Building community

  • At Trinitas Campus Partnerships, we focus our efforts on establishing a relationship first. We want to learn about your campus, students, faculty, and administration. We believe that partnerships founded on strong, trusted relationships result in the most successful projects.
    Over the past decade, public–private partnerships (P3) have become increasingly prevalent in higher education resulting from the financial challenges and facility issues faced by colleges, universities, and their student communities. A privatized approach to new construction—or renovation of existing facilities—is beneficial to higher education institutions through:

    • Transferring risk and certain controls to a third-party.
    • Expediting the development process.
    • Leveraging third-party development expertise.

    Although a large majority of the higher education P3 projects implemented to date are residential facilities, it is becoming increasingly more common for institutions to deliver academic, administrative, student-life, recreation/athletic, and mixed-use facilities through a public–private partnership.

  • Collaboration, flexibility, and meeting the needs of our institutional partners are the key elements of Trinitas’ financing approach. Our financial structures include:

    • Traditional university revenue bonds
    • Project-based 100% tax-example bonds
    • Taxable leasehold mortgage debt
    • Developer equity and ownership with an optional subsequent sale to the institution upon stabilization

    Trinitas has no predisposition to any one option. We take care to understand the many opportunities and constraints associated with each financing strategy. Our job is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the short- and long-term needs of each institution and identify project financing methods that best suit those needs. As your trusted partner, we will advise and support you throughout the decision-making process to ensure the defined project and the selected financing solution are advantageous to the institution and its students.

  • As a development partner, we believe in a “fill in the gaps” approach, especially when it comes to property management and operations. We recognize that institutions have varying levels of internal capacity and may have the desire to retain certain aspects of the operations process. Although Trinitas does offer the full spectrum of management services, we believe in working with our institutional partner to define a management plan that is consistent with the vision and goals of the residential program. Our property management team is willing and able to play a primary role as full-service management, a limited role as an asset manager, or anything in between.

Implementing a plan

Institutional partners rely on Trinitas to provide the highest level of customized service to address the specific needs of each campus community. We leverage our comprehensive in-house capabilities to develop, deliver, and operate high-quality projects of varying sizes and complexities. A well-organized development process, seamlessly transitioning from one phase to the next, is crucial to any project’s success. From project inception to physical opening, Trinitas will lead the team during predevelopment, project design, development, construction management and operations. We will assign and dedicate expert staff from each development discipline to support the project lead and oversee their respective teams during project development. Our approach focuses on:

  • Diligently selecting best-in-class design, construction, and consulting professionals with on-campus and local development expertise, while prioritizing the strategic initiatives and sustainability goals of our intuitional partners
  • Pairing the knowledge base and practical experience of our LEED AP development staff with design and construction partners leading the industry in sustainability initiatives
  • Collaborating with our institutional partners and their constituents every step of the way
  • Modeling multiple financial structures until we, together, find the best choice
  • Planning

    Our team will guide each project from initiation to feasibility and concept development. A team member will be committed to your project from start to finish—not here one moment and gone the next.

  • Development

    Once a project evolves beyond concept, our development team of seasoned experts takes the reins. From here they spearhead the project through pre-construction including design and project entitlements.

  • Construction

    Our construction team offers partners real insights into getting the job done right, on-time, and on-budget. Our knowledge ensures success for our partners whether we are the general contractor or overseeing the project.

  • Management

    Even the best designed communities fall apart without operational excellence. At Trinitas, we are passionate about delivering best-in-class operations and creating environments where students succeed.